"Switch On" Handle (NEW)

Applicable in PULL wardrobes by MICRA.

The peculiar aesthetics of "Switch On" handle is due to the possibility to change the background surface, creating contrasts between it and the door´s surface.

Through a thin slot in the door thickness, the "Switch On" handle background can take appearance mirrored glass (as seen in the image) in natural veneer, lacquered color or with special applications of materials that match the surrounding decor wardrobe. 


"Switch On"!

Come to find it in our showroom and ask for a customized 3D simulation.




BergHOFF — do you know it?

BergHOFF — do you know it?

"BergHOFF" —  Now say it again! :) 


We can help: 

BergHOFF is synonymous of affordable design in kitchen and table ware.

Now available in our showroom, BergHOFF is a Belgian brand with multiple product design awards. Some of its ceramics are produced in Portugal.


With all the accessories you need, it´s ideal to equip your MICRA kitchen.

Meet the inteligent storage systems in Cozinhas MICRA´s showroom and discover BergHOFF items in it. For exemple:kitchen and oven sets, cutlery, porcelain and tableware, kitchen knifes, bar and barbecue and utilities.


More information with Cozinhas MICRA´s team or visit


This month, we´ve made our “premiere” in Austria´s market!

This month, we´ve made our “premiere” in Austria´s market!

Two weeks ago, it was a full weekend assembling kitchen and wardrobes in Attersee city, Austria. But we´re already in the mood to get back there! Because nowadays, with our logistic, Austria is kind of “ the country next door”… and it´s beautiful! Besides that, the work went smoothly and the client was pleased. “Wunderbar”! 


Here´s an overview of our project:



Integrated in a contemporary stylish interior, our option was an harmonious lacquered white, only intersected by a thin aluminum handle, used purposely in its natural color.

In the superior modules, the discrete character of the kitchen was also conquered by the inclusion of an ELICA "Filo" hood and LED lightning.

In lower modules, we´ve integrated "Leman Corners" of Kesseböhmer, which enhance the storage capacity.



The choice resulted in the perfect fusion between the inner walls and wardrobe himself. The doors were kept simple, only adorned by the "Switch Off" handle, whose cavity was also white lacquered.


Projects like these are always welcome!


"Auf Wiedersehen!" :)


MÉTRIKA: bestseller candidate MICRA 2014

MÉTRIKA: bestseller candidate MICRA 2014

Let us present you one of the dozens kitchens MÉTRIKA we already designed, produced and assembled this year.

The question is: MÉTRIKA model is going to be the bestseller kitchen at the end of 2014? It all depends on you and your preferences.


Meet all the models live and ask for a proposal in our showroom. 

See you soon!


"ALMA GÉMEA" in our showroom

Our kitchens have found a "perfect match": the decorative utilities "Alma Gémea" (Soul Mate). 

On sale in our showroom, these pieces of ceramic and cork make the space and our kitchens even more alive and complete. 

For those unfamiliar, the collection "Alma Gémea" results from a "love affair" between Matceramica (ceramic) and Corticeira Amorim (cork), and the Portuguese design creation.

More info int the website and in Cozinhas MICRA, SA - Marinha Grande. 

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Forum Leaders Excellence SME 2013 with Miguel Gaspar

Forum Leaders Excellence SME 2013 with Miguel Gaspar

Journal of Leiria - Interview with Miguel Gaspar, Cozinhas MICRA S.A. director.


1 - What are the main advantages that you recognise in the PME Excellence distinction?

There is a clear recognition by all partners because the image of stability and business confidence becomes strengthened. Therefore, we obtain easy access to credit, which will further speed up a set of projects and investments.


2 - Do you agree with the selection criteria for SME´s Excellence or give any suggestions in this regard?

Yes, I agree. They really identify the SME´s which have an excellent financial and economic performance: those who grew and had consolidated results, despite of the current climate.


3 - What are the main challenges/difficulties that SME´s face today, even the SME´s Excellence?

Given the economic environment, and all the vectors that compose him, the main challenge will be keeping those statutes.

This distinction motivates and generates domestic and international confidence, but we know that SME´s need daily stimuli to overcome the current situation, which is challenging itself. We can not forget that SME´s are the biggest slice of the national economy and the national consumption remains retracted.


4 - How often your company has been awarded with the Excellence SME distinction?

Two years: in 2011 and 2013. (PME Leader since 2009).


Cozinhas MICRA, S.A.: SME Excelence 2013

Cozinhas MICRA, S.A.: SME Excelence 2013

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers and partners.

Together weworkbetter!